Feelings Exhibition Feelings Exhibition

100 paintings, objects, and films from around 40 international contemporary artists invite us to intuitively approach art from an emotional perspective.

The exhibition FEELINGS seeks to encourage this direct dialogue between artwork and viewer in order to stimulate an intense emotional engagement. The works exhibited are characterized by enigmatic motifs and atmospheric visual spaces. Joy, excitement, anger, revulsion, sadness, and numerous other emotional reactions may ensue upon viewing the works. The choice of exhibits is subjective; the art historical context and explanatory wall texts have been deliberately omitted.

The artist Alexandra Ranner participates in the exhibition with the video installation piece called Flur.

November 8, 2019 - October 4, 2020

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Gabriele Basilico on show in Rome Gabriele Basilico on show in Rome

Gabriele Basilico returns to Rome with an exhibition called Metropoli at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. This exhibition pays tribute to one of the greatest protagonists of Italian and international photography.

The metropolis has always been a central theme in the photographer’s research and interests. On this occasion, we can find photographs dating from the seventies to the two thousand and geographies such as Beirut, Milan, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco and a long etcetera. Through these we can observe human-made landscapes, landscapes of progress and historical stratifications of the city, the margins and the peripheries in continuous transformation.

 The exhibition is accompanied by two programmes of activities: La democrazia dello sguardo y La città negli occhi.

You can see Metropolis until April 13th.

January 25 - April 13, 2020

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