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RAUM IV, 2010. 
Colour photography. 80 x 95,5 cm. Edition of 5.

RAUM VI, 2010. Colour Photography. 80 x 120 cm. Edition of 5.

 APPARTEMENT, 2009. Colour Photography. 80 x 99 cm. Edition of 7.

SILENCIO SÚBITO (OCEAN), 2010. Colour Photography. 165 x 245 x 11,5 cm. Edition of 3.

 SILENCIO SÚBITO (VIDEO), 2010. Video projection. 12 min 25 sec. Edition of 3.

GARTEN II/08, 2008. Pigment print on paper. 54.5 x 147.5 cm. Edition of 7.

HAUS I, 2008. Colour Photography. 99'5 x 117 cm. Edition of 7.

 HAUS II, 2008. Colour Photography . 99'5 x 117 cm. Edition of 7.

PHANTASMA, 2009. Pigment print on paper. 85 X 121 cm. Edition of 5.

 RAUM II, 2008. Pigment print on paper. 54.5 x 68 cm. Edition of 7.

RAUM III, 2010. Pigment print on paper. 84.5 x 144.5 cm. Edition of 5.

RAUM V, 2010. Pigment print on paper. 104.2 x 137.2 cm. Edition of 5.

SCHLAFZIMMER II, 2009. Colour Photography. 64.6 X 114 cm. Edition of 5.

 SILENCIO SÚBITO (INSTALLATION), 2010. Variable Sizes. (detail).

 SILENCIO SÚBITO (INSTALACIÓN), 2010. Medidas variables. (detalle).

Alexandra Ranner
Sudden Silence
June 9 - July 24, 2010

Alexandra Ranner comes back to Oliva Arauna gallery with her own particular work method:  the model and its later development in sculptures, video and photographs.

            The recreation of the spaces is like a deep simulation, an ambiguity between a minimal realism and a dramatic barroquism. Her rooms, slightly furnished, contrast with the theatrical spots of light, situating the visitor in a limbo between what it is and what could be.

            The last exhibition space, recreates this perceptions in a group of a projection, a sculpture and a static photograph of the sea. A man sitting in a sofa listens to the hall, but he feels the calm like a crowd and shouts: ‘Silence! If I don’t have absolute silence this instant! Silence!’ (He is screaming in Bavarian dialect, the dialect of her home area). His desperation increases his loneliness.

            The bed and the sea complete this static space, where just a scream breaks everything, but it does not change anything. All looks real, but a closer look shows that the sea is fake, it is just plastic. The quilt has let the dreams and the rest go. It twists up around itself and the folds fall, they speak about a nightmare night and sweat in the middle of the night. In the resting sea, in the night’s stealth, the man explodes looking for the peace, but he just receives silence.


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