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Cicatrices (triptych), 1979. Cibachrome. 102 x 69 cm. each. Edition of 5.

Perro y plumas, 1983. Cibachrome. 94 x 83 cm. Edition of 15.

Fruta, 1983. Cibachrome. 94 x 63 cm. Edition of 15.

Man dog, 1979. Cibachrome, 94 x 63 cm. Edition of 15.

Dog man, 1979. Cibachrome. 94 x 63 cm. Edition of 15.

Some torture, 1992. Cibachrome, 94 x 63 cm. Edition of 15.

Striptease Pigalle, 1986. Cibachrome, 94 x 63 cm. Edition of 15.

Sangre de junco, 1992. Cibachrome. 94  63 cm. Edition of 15.

Diálogo con Amaú, 1983. Cibachrome, 94 x 63 cm. Edition of 15.

Miguel Rio Branco
November 12 - January 10, 1998

On Thursday 12 November we open the individual exhibition “NAKTA” (night) by Rio Branco, one of the most important, international artists of the Brazilian contemporary art scene.

In Miguel’s photographs, it is not so much the subject - although always extracted directly from his immediate surroundings - that we see in each image but instead the light and the colour, treated in the same way in all his work. Through the contrasting and dramatic use of the frame, the light and colour, Rio Branco works to express in a very personal way situations that are most common and immediate.

Theartist’s experience in the world of cinema (a fundamental course for a photographer) is reflected for him in the importance thatplaying with space and time has in the set-up of his work. His installations involve photographs and videos that work on building a disconnected discourse of accumulated, juxtaposed images but always with foundations in the same symbolic nexus. On this occasion, we present 11 ilfochromephotographs, measuring 68x99 cm.

Miguel Rio Brancocarried out his first individual exhibition in Berne in 1964, and from this date onwards he boasts numerous shows in museums and galleries across cities such as New York, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Tel-Aviv, Venice, Rotterdam, Bonn, Caracas, Frankfurt, Berlin, London, Stuttgart, Salvador and Sao Paulo.

In addition, he has participated in the following Biennales: IX Sao Paulo Biennale (1967), XVII Sao Paulo Biennale (1983), I Havana Biennale (1984), III Rotterdam Photographic Biennale (1990), V Havana Biennale (1994), I Photographic Biennale of Curitiba (1996), Site Santa Fe (1997) and XXIV Sao Paulo Biennale. 


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