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CHEMA ALVARGONZÁLEZ, Alma viajera (calidoscopio), 2004. Aluminium structure with interior system in mirror, TFT screen and video player. 98 x 40 x 36 cm. Unique edition.

CRISTINA ARIAS, Alejandro Magno / Darío III (díptico), 2004. Black and white photgraphs, photographic paper and tones in sepia. 125 cm. diameter, 8 cm. thickness c/u. Edition of 3.

PER BARCLAY, Stein, 2003. Digital photograph with metahcrylate panel on steel support. 210 x 170 cm. Edition of 3.

GABRIELE BASILICO, Napoli, 1982. Black and white photograph. 90 x 126 cm. Edition of 15.

BOTTO & BRUNO, Just for one day I, 2004. Vutek print on PVC. 310 x 222 cm. Edition of 2.

ROSA BRUN, Rupes, 2004. Mixed media. 300 x 300 x  5 cm. Unique edition.

RUTH GÓMEZ, Ruth made in Musac 9, 2004. Mouse drawing on photographic paper mounted on aluminium. 110 x 140 cm. Unique edition.

ALFREDO JAAR, Gold in the morning, 1985. Light box. 130 x 190 cm. Edition of 3.

ALICIA MARTIN, Untitled, 2004. Wood structure with books. 75 x 260 x 150 cm. Unique edition.

MATEO MATÉ, Viajo para conocer mi geografía VI, 2004. Installation with washing machine and projection on a monitor. Variable dimensions. Unique edition.

MATEO MATÉ, Viajo para conocer mi geografía VI, 2004. Installation with washing machine and projection on a monitor. Variable dimensions. Unique edition.

CONCHA PRADA, Polvo XIII (triptych), 2004. Colour photography. 145 x 297 cm. Edition of 3.

MIGUEL RIO BRANCO, Matador (políptico), 2002. Cibachrome. 160 x 240 cm. Edition of 5.

JUAN CARLOS ROBLES, Corriente humana, 2004. Monocanal. 22' 45". Edition of 6.

PEPO SALAZAR, A mother, 2004. Neon. 255 x 203 cm. Unique edition

New space inauguration
November 25, 2004 - January 8, 2005

On the 25th of November we open our new space at 29 Calle Barquillo.

We have spent years growing and working with our artists, acquiring an important international reputation. From this point the need for a larger space has arisen, where we will be able to install new projects.

For nineteen years we have been situated at our establishment on the street Claudio Coello, where we have been able to realise some of the projects that would have been impossible to carry out in a space like the one that we are opening now during the more difficult years of the 1990s.

To mark the occasion, we have asked our artists to create a special piece for a collective that we are showing in the gallery.

The artists who form part of the exhibition are:

  • ChemaAlvargonzález.
  • Cristina Arias.
  • Per Barclay.
  • Gabriele Basilico.
  • Botto& Bruno.
  • Rosa Brun.
  • Ruth Gómez.
  • Alfredo Jaar.
  • Alicia Martín.
  • Mateo Maté.
  • Concha Prada.
  • Miguel Río Branco.
  • Juan Carlos Robles.
  • Pepo Salazar.


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