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Ashild, 2005. Colour photography. 165 x 125 cm. Edition of 3.

Simen, 2005. Colour photography. 103 x 133'5 cm. Edition of 7.

Simen, 2005. Black and white photography. 103 x 133'5 cm. Edition of 7.

Simen, 2005. Black and white photography, mounted on easels and glass. 228 x 135 cm. each. Unique edition.

Simen (tumbado sobre el agua), 2005. Colour photography. 86 x 111 cm. Edition of 3.

Simen (tumbado sobre el agua), 2005. Black and white photography. 58 x 63 cm. Edition of 15.

Halvard, 2005. Colour photography. 141 x 111 cm. Edition of 3.

Ashild (Ángel en la nieve), 2005. Colour photography. 106 x 106 cm. Edition of 3.

Simen (Ángel en la nieve), 2005. Colour photography. 127 x 156 cm. Edition of 3.

Instalación de sonido, 2006. Iron estructure, cable and loud speakers. Unique edition.

Per Barclay
Ashild, Simen y Halvard
March 9 - April 12, 2006

Per Barclay, the Norwegian artist who we have worked with since 1993 and who has had various exhibitions at the Gallery, such as his sculptural pieces in the first individual show or the Slaughterhouse series, the Bedrooms of Oil in the University of Valencia or the black and white images of people, on this occasion presents Åshild, Simen y Halvard, a photographic exhibition based around the human figure and a sound installation. Barclay has individually exhibited his work in the Reina Sofia´s Glass Palace, the Sala Rekalde, the Koldo Mitxelena and the Ivam.

Per Barclay is more than a photographer: in his work he presents architectural spaces, where he uses liquid elements, water, oil and blood to obtain a reflection of the rooms and in this way, suggests a desired sense of imaginary space. Per does not present these spaces to the public but instead constructs them as unique installations, exclusively to be photographed.

In this way, the artists intervenes in the real space, transforming it and treating the figure in the photo as if they were a sculptural work. When Barclay shows the human figures in his photographs, he treats them as a classical sculpture, even mounting the figures on pedestals, in a clear reference to Ancient Greek sculptures.

For this exhibition Per Barclay has chosen a photographic series with different characters but sharing a common theme –water– that has been continually present throughout his career as an artist. The images are immersed in a sound installation that runs through the rooms of the gallery, presenting a dialogue through space, imagination and light. Upon touching the steel cable, the sound that leaves the speakers pierces through the gallery and seems to be speaking its own language, interacting directly with the visitor. 


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